So out of the blue, Julie says ” BTW, we got an email saying that such and such is now following our blog”. *Deach rolls his eyes and shakes his head* “Figures, when you start a blog, the odds are, out of the billions of people in the world, somebody’s going to eventually check it out”.  The problem is, I had absolutely nothing to show for it. Oh well, I’ll take it as a sign, and move my butt 🙂

Julie and I signed up at WordPress because we have an interest in  improving ourselves in every way possible, and “fell in with a bunch of guys” with whom we would like to learn from in every way possible.  Hence joining WordPress blogs, where some of our favorite living teachers happen to share their thoughts for those who want to hear them. One doesn’t have to start a blog here, But if you want to be able to comment  and represent yourself with a half decent avatar, you have to be a blog writer. An avatar is a one shot deal at representing yourself visually to those who may be reading whatever you have to say, and so, this is why I have chosen the awesome avatar above. I really hope you get The Point, if not, that you try it out, especially with the kids. ( I speak for Julie in saying that the avatar represents her as well (^_^)

I said a while back while commenting on another persons blog, that I had been inspired to begin blogging, but never did. But now that we have a follower all of a sudden, I also have a responsibility to begin my blogging journey. So, now I have to figure out exactly what a “blog” is. It’s certainly a strange sounding word if you think about it. Say it in your head a several  times in a row, or better yet, several times out loud out of the blue, in front of others.

According to <;, a blog is ” a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer”. So basically it is an online Journal that can be shared with the world if one wishes. I generalized the word according to a few different sources I read from like Wikipedia, the OED and the Urban Dictionary. The Urban Dictionary can get pretty crude, so if you’d rather not read any profanities, stay away. But if you’re trying to figure out some of the latest acronyms like BFF, true meaning behind the word “sick” these days or don’t understand why people do this : ), all the time, at the Urban Dictionary, out of the mouths of babes, oft times come gems. Ultimately if you want to know the history of a word, you need access to the Oxford English Dictionary, which is usually inconvenient.  The reason an online journal is called a “Blog” is because originally, it was called a “web log”, folks got lazy and it eventually became blog

So who are we to share our thoughts with the world. Well, we are seeking to become the best people we can, leaders. Leaders deal with people and have to learn how to communicate with then properly. A blog seems to be a neat way to work on those skills, as well as exercise our brains . It certainly won’t hurt, you can only get better when you do things often. My typing skills are awful, I need to learn how to organize my thoughts, and I would like to speak publicly, often. Writing a blog should be great practice. And hopefully, I’ll be able to pass on some nuggets that someone can use.

Half a lifetime ago, I believed that one person could person could make a big impact on this world. I vowed to do what was right, even if  it was the last thing I felt like doing, the reluctant warrior archetype like Mel Gibson in the Road Warrior or Kevin Costner in the Postman and a few other flics . Choose the light side of the Force and serve others, over the dark side and the selfishness that comes with it, despite the lure of unlimited power. I read about how Bob Geldof pulled an incredible feat with Live Aid  against all odds, and wrote a paper on how Mother Teresa, who created one of the worlds greatest charities dedicated to showing love to the dying. I’ve known for a long time about the power of one person, and the unlimited possibilities we all have within us. I used to see it in my head, all the time. Then a bunch of things happened, and I settled for mediocrity. Then one day, Toby and Darcy came by then Julie and I began writing ourselves a new ending. “Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself”

I’d say this is enough for now. From what I’ve learned of blogs so far, when folks write too much, it’s easy to start losing interest. Keep it simple eh :). This is my first post, so I can get away with it this time

I’ll end all blogs with current iPhone photos, cause that’s my thing. Happy spring folks (=^_^=)

Apple blossom petals on the lawn